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May 4, 2012


Simon spontaneously counted to 20 this past Tuesday. I was a bit surprised. We have been counting steps whenever we go up or down them and he has a variety of counting books that he enjoys but he never said the numbers consecutively from beginning to end like that before. He's also been pointing out twos:

Mommy, two doggies. Two bah bahs (birds). Two trucks.

Everything in twos. Maybe when he turns three he'll notice those groupings.

April 16, 2012


I don't talk about my day job on this blog much. In fact, not at all. But I have to mention something that made me happy today; a little pick-me-up from the depressing world of real estate I've been living in lately. My photographs of Shabd Simon-Alexander's textiles were featured on the blog Tree Hugger (uncredited). These are admittedly not my best shots but it made me smile, non-the-less.

March 16, 2012


Nicole Eisenman (b. 1965), The Drawing Class, 2011. Oil and charcoal on canvas, 82 × 65 in. (208.3 × 165.1 cm). The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago {source}

I am very excited about tonight's event at the Whitney Museum. From 7:30 to 8pm, when entrance to the museum is pay-what-you-wish, Nicole Eisenman will conduct a free life drawing class in the lower gallery. I plan to attend with Mike. This is just what I've been waiting for.

March 15, 2012



I have been looking for a way to use the bag of edible lavender buds I have squirreled away in my cabinet top shelf, so that when I saw this post for Lavender Shortbread Berry sorbet Sandwiches on Tartelette and knew I had to try the recipe. Only I think I might try to make it a vegan affair. If I have time this weekend I will see what I can do... and post my own photo as proof.

Speaking of photography, Tartelette has been a huge inspiration for me when taking food shots. The writer, chef and photographer for the blog, Helene Dujardin, is an amazing artist. I just love her sensibility and have been shamelessly trying to emulate her work ever since I discovered it.

March 12, 2012


I am sure I am not the only one who runs to check their email and blog stats over and over in the course of a day. I saw this Miranda July video on the blog Paper Blue Jay and had to share!


I love the vignette photography that I've seen various artists use as their venue of expression, such as the work that was on display last June at the Museum of Arts and Design in the exhibtion, "Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities.”  Most recently I saw Erin Tyner's photographs in an Etsy email blast and was inspired to take some of my own. I am not sure how successful they are. You tell me.

NOTE: After reading this post, a friend of mine asked me if I was going to submit my photos to the Museum of Arts and Design. I thought he was kidding but I looked at their website and they are taking submissions from anyone. I did submit my photos and found some great one as well... particularly the artist, Elly MacKay, whose work I had admired before on Etsy. Check out the submissions here.


Etsy hosts a craft night out every month. I went to one a long time ago and really enjoyed it but haven't had made the time to go again. Well, this month I did make the time and it was so much fun. Not only was I Simon-free for an evening (which I have only been two or three evenings before), but I had the chance to take a life drawing class for free, sponsored by One Drawing A Day. I haven't done any drawing in a lifetime (since I graduated from college with my B.A. in Fine Arts, Sculpture) and it was great to use those muscles again. I loved it so much I am planning to take Mike (who also went to art college, before becoming a writer and philosopher) out on a night of drawing. I just have to find a good place to do it. If you have the time and inclination I highly recommend the Etsy events for something fun to do.

January 4, 2012


They say you cannot tell which hand a child will favor until they are 5 or 6 years old. Simon has been using both pretty consistently. I worry that he will be a lefty and have to deal with all the things in this world that are made for right handed people. Only time will tell...


engrossed in an image

when I turned the camera sideways so did he

when I lay down on the floor to get a new angle so did he

A while ago my point and shoot camera started to die and I bought a nicer upgraded one. When that happened I gave my old one to Simon. The first thing he did was pull off the front plastic pieces that protect the lens and I thought maybe I had made a mistake. But since then he's been taking photographs. And he's pretty good at it. Here are the unedited highlights:

December 15, 2011


stone sculpture by Jose de Creeft Continuite, 1958

A little early, I know, but I've been feeling a bit stressed out due to various family issues pulling me in different directions and have decided the remedy is to make some time just for me.

I was inspired by a visit to my sister in-law's house, where her newly acquired husband has his wooden sculptures tucked away in every nook and cranny. I wish I took some pictures of them - they are fabulous. As a result, I've resolved to revisit my sculpture background and begin making some wood carvings.

Just because. Just for me. Not to sell to anyone else.

When I was working in stone one of the artists that inspired me was Jose de Creeft. I think, to begin with, I will turn to him again and create new figures in his style.

I asked a friend and he said his new years resolution was to look both ways before crossing the street... 
What's yours?

October 21, 2011


When I mentioned that I knit, my current yoga instructor told me about OLEK's guerrilla artist projects. I love this bull covered in pink. I wish I'd seen it in person, although it only lasted 2 hours...

September 6, 2011


I was inspired by my friend Anna to try painting with Simon for the first time. Anna paints wooden dolls for her company, Goose Grease, and she is actively making artwork in her studio (something I have not had time to engage in lately), so she often has paint around for her two-year-old to try out.

Today was the day to break out the Clementine Art Natural Paint and let Simon have a go at it since it was rainy rainy rainy. It may seem like a late start considering both myself and my husband are artists but the mess factor was holding me back. To cut down on the mess I taped rolled out drawing paper to our kitchen table so that it was covered. Simon was tentative at first but soon got his hands wet (literally) and had some fun. He did get paint in his hair but a quick bath afterward remedied that...

... and he came back for a second run with the Art To Go Oil Pastel Set I've been saving for him to use.

August 29, 2011


I am nowhere near the time when I'll need to weed out Simon's artwork, he only just started drawing with crayons instead of eating them, but this NY Times article got me thinking. Simon's current art collection is a motley group of collaboration pieces by myself, my husband and him.

I emailed this article to my friend, Kristin, and she had the perfect solution - offer what you have room to keep and have your child decide which of his artwork to include and which to toss. This not only preserves the work that he feels is most important to him, but teaches him how to make decisions. I can't wait to try it.

Another idea I just thought of while taking the shot for this post is you could document all your child's works of art on film (computer) and have them forever (or 5 years, which I've been told is how long digital images last- which reminds me I need to make prints of the photos I would be devastated to lose).

August 8, 2011


I have been hoarding various art supplies waiting for Simon to be ready for them. He recently left the putting-everything-in-his-mouth stage so I thought it was a good time to introduce him to clay. I majored in sculpture in college and his father is very handy with spacial concepts so I figured clay was a sure bet... but one finger on it and Simon recoiled with a sneer of disgust. Granted, the clay I chose was Clementine Art Natural Modeling Clay, which has a very sticky consistency. I am hoping that he gets more used to the feeling of it and begins to enjoy squishing it in his fists, but until then he's happy to stack their plastic containers into towers and gleefully knock them down.

July 6, 2011


Simon has gotten really excited about drawing. So excited that I keep finding his mark on the least likely places: the front of the sofa, the wall, the mirror, the kitchen floor. I usually find evidence of his artistic talents after the fact but the other day I caught him in the act, decorating the kitchen floor. Luckily he was using crayons that are meant to wash off easily. I am afraid the sofa is a lost cause.

June 17, 2011


My friend Alexandra has been chosen along with a number of other professional artists to participate in a new planned public art piece in NYC. This time the canvas will not be cow sculptures, but up-right pianos. Organized by Sing for Hope, these 88 pianos will be located all over New York City in all of the five boroughs, where hundreds of volunteer musical artists will perform impromptu concerts for the street crowds. Alexandra's Piano will be located at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in Staten Island. Check it out!

May 19, 2011


I was walking to work today and bumped into my friend Alexandra Leff (seen on the right in green) who is the organizer of LeAp's (Learning through an Expanded Arts Program) Public Art Programs. this season was kicked off with a ceremony in Union Square Park this afternoon, where the New York City's Chancellor of Education, Dennis Walcott, spoke.

Now in its fourth year, LeAp’s Public Art Program empowers young people to have a voice in their communities and express themselves on important social issues through the creation and public exhibition of art in NYC parks—culminating in the largest student exhibition in the history of NYC parks and the first to span the five boroughs, developed in cooperation with NYC Parks & Recreation.