August 13, 2012


Is it okay to cheat? To buy all your ingredients pre-chopped, pre-jullienned, pre-sliced? Sometimes it is a necessity, especially when you hear how everyone had a hard time managing this week's Food Matters Project. And complained about the lack of reward for their efforts. Sometimes cheating is okay.

This weeks Food Matters Project recipe is Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce, chosen by Allysa at Everyday Maven. I was a little late making it and got a chance to peek at what everyone else made. It wasn't a happy picture. Most people lamented the work, regretted the time spent and were unsatisfied with the results. Armed with this knowledge I made it as easy as humanly possible. I bought all my ingredients ready to go in little pre-washed portions. And, as a result, this dish was super easy to make. The texture of the rice paper next to the fresh veggies is quite nice and refreshing on a hot summer day, but the peanut sauce is the star of the dish, making it a creamy, yummy treat.

Here's how to do it the lazy way:
You'll need:
Any kind of pre-cut slaw, or veggies you can find.
Bean sprouts
Cilantro, mint, basil, and/or any herb you are partial to (I used the last bits of cilantro I had in my fridge)
Scallions, sliced length-wise
Lettuce (any kind will due)
Rice paper
Pre-cooked shrimp, chicken, tofu, etc. - I bought some pre-cooked shrimp only to realize it was past its due date so we did without the protein, which was fine. The peanut sauce provides enough of that.

To assemble:
Soak one rice paper at a time in warm water for about 10 seconds, or until it becomes pliable and tissue-y. Place on a clean kitchen towel. Add on one end a torn off piece of lettuce, and a little bit of each ingredient you have available. Roll up the Summer roll as you would a burrito, tucking the ends in as you go.

Now here's the best part: The Peanut Sauce - I did not measure any of this, just kept tasting until it seemed right. Mix together in a bowl the following:
1/2 cup (or so) peanut butter
1 Tsp soy sauce
Juice of one lime
One garlic clove pressed
A splash of  coconut milk - until it was creamy
Salt and pepper
A splash red pepper flakes - for some heat


Lexi said...

Hi Sandra, I think your peanut sauce sounds great. And buying shredded or chopped ingredients is not cheating, sometimes we don't have the time or the desire to do it ourselves. I loved this recipe and I think most of us had a great time making summer rolls.

Alyssa (Everyday Maven) said...

I love the idea of using pre-chopped! That makes this dish come togehter fast :) Smart!

sandra said...

You guys are right - it was super easy and very yummy!

Elaine from Join Me For Dinner said...

I loved the way you made your peanut sauce--just the way many of us cook! Glad you liked it in the end. I loved these rolls and will make them again for sure.